Production - assembly company natural and artificial stones

What services does Frangranit ?

Frangranit manufactures products made of natural and artificial stone and provides many additional services:

  • Installation of stone products - at your home, in the yard, in the garden
  • Measurement/Templating 

  • Restoration - Our masters will restore any product made of natural stone to the original form;
  • Individual projects - unique, exclusive products made of natural stone by your order.
  • Servicing - if product is ruined by effect of any result, our masters will replace or repair the damaged pieces.
  • Water jet cutting - it is a very efficient and a new type of treatment, used for cutting all kinds of natural stone with a mixture of water and sand.

  • Re polishing – Do youwant your tiles to look glossy? You need re polish them and the floor will look like mirror.
  • Delivery - We deliver the items directly to the address specified by the customer