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Polish services

“Frangranit” offers polishing, honing and grinding services for your natural stone. Stone floors are unique because of their high quality appearance that features different shades and finishes. With this unique look also comes a large set of challenges in regards to maintenance, cleaning and overall stone care. When your beautiful stone surfaces are damaged from every day usage and improper care, you will need an expert to bring the life back to those surfaces. We use a number of professional processes and techniques to return your stone to its true beauty.

Grinding method is a very aggressive approach to refinishing stone. It uses a metal-bonded and diamond grit heavy weighted floor buffer to remove deep scratches and lippage. The goal of this method is to flatten the floor; a bonus is that it is typically dust free.
Honing - completed after the grinding phase, this method is a much less aggressive approach than grinding. Although similar, the materials and grits used are not as coarse as they are during the grinding process. Many projects also may start with honing and skip the grinding phase. This is because it is able to remove minor to moderate scratches and etch marks in a softer manner. This method shares the same goal as grinding, ending with a flat floor.

Polishing is the next step in refinishing your stone. Coming after the honing phase, a higher grit and sometimes combinations of higher grit compounds are used to bring out a shine in your stone during this process.