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Individual projects

Individual projects from "Fragranit" - it is a creation of a unique product, landscape or interior. Individual project created only considering the wishes and features of each client individually for the purpose of fully satisfy demands of all our customers.

The specialists of «Frangranit» will help you bring your ideas into a real project by the following steps:

Task - a customer and our specialist make the task of designing. They determine the Project location on the object and choose the most suitable material.

Sketch – making image of the product or an object on paper.

After agreement the project is ready and we can create the project design.

Individual projects develop from several days up to several weeks, which depends on project complexity and technical specifications. The cost of the project also depends on these elements.

Project Settings can be specified with the the system designer by phone:

+7 (495) 776 29 69+7 (985) 776 29 69