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Portals for fireplaces

Fireplace with natural stone will give your living room a refined taste and comfort. A fireplace is not just a place to make a fire, it is a symbol of respectability and prestige, bright interior and the attribute of individuality.

Fireplace portal - is a kind of front door; made of natural stone, it has an impressive monumental form, creates an atmosphere of serenity, comfort and harmoniously complements the interior design.

The original architectural solutions, thousands of colors and textures of natural stone, carving and decoration elements, all this is offered by our stone experts, while designers will help you to choose best options of design considering the style of the room.

Natural stone with its exceptional properties is much more reliable and beautiful. Exquisiteness and elegance contribute to the true image of a good stone fireplace, which over the years will not only warm your house but will be a true delight for the eye.

If to speak about stone facing of a fireplace or a hearth, granite and marble will be the best materials. It is caused by the fact that these rocks can endure huge temperature drops. Besides, marble and granite guarantee solidity and durability. Fireplaces with a different degree of complexity are made of these rocks – from simple fireplaces faced with one slab to fireplaces with carved bas-reliefs and grotesques.