Production - assembly company natural and artificial stones
Stone Production

Professional masons in "Fragranit" make products from onyx, travertine, granite, marble and artificial stones, and follow particularly strict production standards.
Whether you want to enhance your home’s exterior, create the look of tradition in a restaurant dining area or remake an ordinary office space with genuine character, Natural Stone is up to the task. Since its cut from real quarried stone, Natural Stone is durable, elegant and available in a series of facing styles that offer unique design possibilities.

Our masters craft each product from the highest quality materials, including the best textures, sizes and shapes of hand-picked natural and artificial stones. We also implement superior quality control measures in our manufacturing process. The main products -

  • countertops, window sills,
  • stairs,
  • fountains,
  • fireplaces,
  • columns,
  • mosaics,
  • panels,
  • facades,
  • balusters etc.

Classic and timeless, welcome the warmth and beauty of natural stone into your home.