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Granite Slabs from Frangranit

Slabs are large-sized flagstones. Slabs are used to make countertops, stair steps, window sills, fireplace facings. The average size of these boards reaches three meters.

Granite is one of the most relied upon materials in the world, its strengths in terms of hardness as well as decorative value being world-renowned. For large building projects which involve a requirement of countertops, flooring, and wall cladding, granite slabs remain to be prime choices for all kinds of applications – multi-unit housing projects, large scale commercial construction, and flooring and wall coverings for public buildings.

The best in granite slabs are cut using the latest technology, polished on one side for a refined look that continues to reflect the natural beauty of the stone, and are shipped in bundles for use as durable and versatile building materials. Granite slabs are naturally suited to being a part of architectural legacies all over the world.