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Natural Stone Tiles From Frangranit

Transform your home’s décor with swirled embellishments, intricate patterns, dynamic color—expressions of natural stone.

No other surface exemplifies organic beauty as natural stone. Our product offering includes a full line of natural stone products—from the finest spectacularly colored granite and textured onyx to the stately elegance of marble and the exotic romance of travertine.

Choose from our great range of Natural Stone Tiles to complete your tiling projects, and to add a touch of style to your rooms.

Luxurious and dramatic, Marble was once reserved for the interiors of palaces and grand country estates. Today, marble brings luxury to many different spaces, from elegant homes to trendy restaurants and swank hotels. Beautiful, durable and natural, Marble is a discerning choice for floors walls and countertops.

Our durable Granite Tiles have a natural grain that gives an attractive, unique finish. These tiles can transform the look and feel of any bathroom or kitchen.

Travertine Tiles bring sophistication and a strong interior design theme to any home, with variations in tone and character making each tile unique.

Limestone Tiles feature a stunning surface with real natural beauty. These tiles offers continuity in a room and will create a strong design theme in your home.